Spend 25-40% Less To Advertise Your Business On Google Adwords!

stop paying too much for ppc advertising
Most businesses are writing cheques every month for search engine marketing services that are overpriced.

How much does your Adwords management company charge to manage your ads? You may be surprised. The average rate for Adwords management is between 20%-30% of total ad spend for lower budget campaigns and 15%-25% for higher budget campaigns. If you spend an average of $2000 a month on ads, the company managing those ads is charging you between $400-$600. This leaves only $1400-$1600 for your ads!

At Lure Marketing we take a different approach. We charge a flat monthly fee that is typically 25%-40% less than other Adwords management companies. Stop paying for management and start paying for ads.

We Offer:

  • One on one consultation with a certified Adwords expert.
  • Custom built advertising campaigns designed around the keywords that are most profitable for your business.
  • Target your ads to your ideal consumers to decrease spend and increase engagement.
  • 24 hour support.
  • Monthly reports showing you exactly how well your campaigns are performing.
  • Full access to your Adwords account.
  • No contract term. We know you will be happy with our services and therefore do not try to lock you down with a term.

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