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Web Design and Development Services for Kingston, Belleville and Surrounding Areas

Your website is the foundation of your entire online presence. It acts as your “digital storefront”. Unlike your physical storefront however, your website is open 24/7; spreading your message and generating leads for your business.

First impressions count. For many consumers, your website is their first point of contact with your business. If consumers don’t have a good experience with your website, most will simply move on to the next one. This is a massive lost opportunity. A modern, professional looking website, on the other hand, makes that first impression as good as it can be.

Our website design and development services will ensure that your website properly represents how great your small business really is. Our services include:

Website Design

From the moment they reach your website, consumers are making judgements and deciding whether or not they will do business with you. A modern, professionally designed website adds credibility to your small business.

We will work with you to build a website which addresses your specific needs. From design to completion, we work with you for every step of the way to ensure your complete satisfaction.

At Lure Marketing, we specialize in creating modern, beautiful websites for small businesses. Building beautiful websites is only small part of what we do, however. Every website we create is designed to be fast, informative and easy to navigate for the ideal consumer experience. As we already mentioned, first impressions matter. That is why our websites are designed with consumers in mind.

All of our website designs are also fully mobile-responsive. We live in a mobile world. Over half of all internet traffic now comes from mobile phones and tablets. Your new website will be built to look as good as on mobile phones and tablets as they do on desktop computers.

Getting traffic from search engines can make or break your small business. That is why all of our websites are optimized for search engines. Your website’s content will be built around the keywords that are most valuable to your business.

Once the website is finished you will receive a full, one-on-one training program. Making changes to your new website will be as easy as editing a Microsoft Word document!

Website Renovations

Is your website starting to look dated? Maybe it’s missing some functionality? Or doesn’t rank well in search engines? Just having a website isn’t enough anymore. You need a fast, responsive website to succeed in today’s online world.

If your website needs some improvements but you don’t have the budget for a whole new website, Lure Marketing can help. We will work with you to make meaningful improvements to your website, within your budget.

Conversion Optimization

Is your website not generating many leads? At Lure Marketing we are experts at conversion optimization.

Conversion optimization is a marketing strategy focused on converting more website traffic into leads and sales for your business. We use proven strategies to get your more quality leads from your website.

Our conversion optimization services include:

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