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Digital Marketing, Advertising and Website Design Agency Serving Kingston, Belleville and Surrounding Areas.

How It All Began

Hello, my name is Zack Talsma and I own and operate Lure Marketing. Lure Marketing is a digital marketing and website design agency that specializes in working with small businesses. I founded Lure Marketing when I became frustrated with marketing agencies that charged sky-high rates while providing sub-par service.

Before starting Lure Marketing, I worked alongside many other digital marketing agencies while helping my employers manage their marketing efforts. While some of these companies did provide good service; most charged rates that made it difficult for small businesses to afford. When these expensive campaigns underperformed, the answers given were vague and information selectively given. This lack of proper explanation and transparency often left the business owners paying for services without really knowing what they’re getting back in return.

These experiences are what inspired me to go out on my own and provide digital marketing services that would truly work for small businesses.


What We Do

At Lure Marketing our mission is to help small businesses thrive in the online world. We do this by combining excellent service with progressive digital marketing tactics that make your business stand out from the crowd. Marketing your small business online can be challenging but also offers a great opportunity if you are willing to invest in it. Consumer buying habits are changing, the businesses that change with them will be the ones who prosper. We’ve been helping small business owners across Canada grow their digital presence, and their businesses, since 2016.

We are also dedicated to educating small business owners about the latest tools and trends in marketing with our company blog and free small business marketing workshops. Our philosophy is the more informed and knowledgable you are, the more informed your decisions will be, and ultimately the more successful you will be with your digital marketing efforts.

What We Believe In

Superior Planning

Today’s small businesses often have to do more with less. With so many marketing channels available to utilize, it can be difficult to know what to do. We work with you to design a custom marketing strategy that will maximize your results based on your goals, and your budget.

Fair, Honest Pricing

We believe in honest pricing for honest work. As a small business owner myself I know that every dollar counts. Whether you have $100 a month or $10,000 a month to spend, we will work hard to get you the best possible results within your budget.

Quality Work

To succeed in today’s marketplace requires a strong online presence. We use the latest digital marketing tactics to bring your strategy to life. We strive to always exceed our clients’ expectations and will go the extra mile to deliver them the results that they deserve.

The Best Customer Service

Our mission is to deliver the best services with the best customer service. Our clients are the most important thing to us. Without you we do not exist.  We are open, honest and always available when you need us.

See What We Can Do For You

We offer a wide range of online marketing services specifically designed for small businesses; from social media marketing and search engine advertising to website design and SEO.

Start Growing Your Business Today

We are a digital marketing agency that helps small business owners across North America grow their businesses using progressive digital marketing and website design tactics. How can we help you do the same?

Lure Marketing

Lure Marketing is a digital marketing and website design agency with offices in both Kingston and Belleville, Ontario. We help small businesses navigate and thrive in the online world.

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