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Small Business Marketing Packages & Other Digital Marketing Services. Proudly Serving Kingston, Belleville, Quinte West and Surrounding Areas.

On top of our monthly online marketing packages, we also offer flexible digital marketing packages for those small business owners that simply need some occasional guidance, or those that are just looking for someone to set them up for success and then turn the keys over.

How Our Flexible Marketing Packages Work

To build your own small business marketing package, start by picking the services that you require, then pay for the amount of hours that you will need to to accomplish your goals. Depending on you needs, hours can be purchased either on a one time basis, or an ongoing monthly basis.

Hourly Rates

1-4 Hours = $85/hour

5+ Hours = $80/hour

What You Can Use Your Hours For

What you use your hours for is completely up to you. Build your package of digital marketing services to suit the goals and budget of your business. Here is a list of what we believe will provide you with the best return on your investment. Each suggestion also includes an estimate for the time each task will take to complete.


Coaching / Consulting (1-3 Hours)

Need some help marketing your business online? Book a digital marketing strategy session! We can help you identify your target audience, choose the appropriate marketing channels and succesfully position your brand.

SEO Optimization (2-4 Hours Monthly)

Don’t have the budget for a complete SEO overhaul? Make slow, steady improvements instead. We will analyze your website and make meaningful changes to improve the ranking of your website over time, increasing your brand awareness and website traffic.

E-mail Template Creation (1-2 Hours)

We use proven e-mail marketing strategies to construct e-mail templates that are guaranteed to drive sales. Simply pick the relevant template, add in your text, images, or videos and hit send!

Conversion Optimization (1-3 Hours Monthly)

Do you already have decent website traffic but can’t seem to convert any of that traffic into leads? We will analyze your website to see where your website is going wrong and make meaningful changes to increase the conversion rate of your website.

Content Editing / Copywriting (1-3 Hours)

Need some new content for your website? Can’t seem to get your message across? We will write compelling copy, making sure that it ranks well in search engines, fits with your brand, and speaks to your customers.

Social Media Review / Strategy (1-2 Hours)

Is your social media stalling? Can’t seem to make any progress? We will review your entire social media presence and make recommendations for how it can be improved, pick the right social media channels and craft the right messages for your target market.

Ad Design / Creation (1-3 Hours)

We can create custom image, text, or rich media ads for your next advertising campaign. Promote an upcoming sale, build brand awareness, or highlight what makes your business unique!

Other Services

Branding Guide - $500 +

Need help branding your business? We will set you up for success with a custom branding guide. Included in the guide is industry research and a competitive analysis, as well as recommendations for target audience, positioning, brand personailty, brand colours / fonts and tagline.

Logo Design - $300 +

Let us create a professional logo that properly represents your small business. After an initial design meeting you will receive 3 initial designs, of which you will choose one. You are then entitled to two revisions before being presented with the final design.

Automated Lead Follow Up Systems - $225 +

Do you hate following up on leads, or simply don’t have the time? We will work with you to design a customized, automated e-mail follow-up system for your leads. Pick the content you want sent and the time period between emails and leave the rest to us!

Website Improvements - $225 +

Does your website need some updates? Not ready for a full redesign? We can make small but meaningful changes or updates to your website, within your budget.

E-Mail List Set Up - $150

Want to start a newsletter or monthly e-mail blast? Make sending mass e-mails easier and quicker with e-mail lists. With Canada’s anti-spam legislation, building your email list is more challenging than ever before. We ensure you have consent from all your subscribers so you avoid hefty fines. 

Blog Set Up - $175 +

Want to start your content marketing strategy but don’t have a blog set up on your website? We can add blog functionality to your existing website, or set up an external blog and link it to your site.

How Can You Grow Your Business in 1 Hour?

Looking to start a bigger project? Want to combine different services together? We can provide you with a custom quote. Simply call or e-mail us to schedule your free 1 hour consultation.

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